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>> the last day for pope benedict xvi. thousands gathered to see the pope as new allegations of sexual abuse are leveled at the roman catholic church. live from rome and israel in this half-hour. also ahead, italians are voting for a new government. the death of a palestinian man in an israeli country promotes 3000 prisoners and to going out number strike. the deal to end 20 years of war,
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african leaders are signing on, rebels are staying out. let's get back to these live pictures from the vatican in st. peter's square. this is the last sunday at the vatican for pope benedict xvi. tens of thousands of people have gathered in st. peter's square, where the 85-year-old pontiff is reading his final sunday prayers. he of course resigned earlier this month, saying that he lacked the physical strength to carry on. the vatican denied that he was stepping down in order to deal with a snowballing scandal of late -- gay clergymen. in to what he is saying. >> [speaking latin]
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>> st. peter's square, thousands of people in the u.s. are demanding a senior clergymen pull out of the forthcoming papal conclave, the meeting to decide who will be the next pope. cardinal mahony was the archbishop of los angeles with a series of child sex abuse -- sex abuse scandals took place. he is accused of covering them up. a group of priests in the u.k. is attempting to stop keith o'brien from participating in the conclave, for he is accused of having participated in an inappropriate acts going back some 33 years. going live to st. peter's square, paul is there for us. we can see the faithful have turned up for these vital papal
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prayers. >> 50,000 people flocking to the square, this week at think the official estimate is somewhere close to that 100, 150,000 people. the numbers are not just the devout and the faithful, but also the tourists and opportunists who realize the historic nature that this is the pope's final blessing here at st. peter's in rome before he steps down this week. the content is due to be a very brief one. he is basically saying to his faithful that the lord has called him to dedicate himself more to prayer and meditation and that it does not mean he is abandoning the church, but rather the he is attempting to
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save -- serve the church with the same level of dedication and love of but in a manner that matches his age and strength. reassurance that he is not abandoning the church, but that he is simply doing god's will. >> as this is going on in st. peter's square, controversy continues around the vatican, describe some of the press speculation in italy and beyond today. >> the vatican -- first of all, the pope's resignation was a big surprise. this led to intense speculation as to why exactly he chose to resign at this particular moment. in the absence of him saying anything other than he is old and not well, the italian media have been attempting to fill in the blanks and they have
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intensely speculated that there might be scandalous reasons behind it. the vatican, which has tried very hard to manage the time table in a dignified way has found themselves having to deny the press speculation, basically centering on a confidential report prepared by three senior cardinals. it is alleged that there were secret conclaves perhaps involving gay priests. perhaps corruption, money- laundering, cover up. the vatican says that these are unverified and unverifiable. the vatican is keen to stem these reports and are critical of the people who have been repeating them and persisting with their speculation.
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the report is under lock and key, deep within the vatican safes. it will be passed on to the pope's successor late next month. the newspapers, if they are not just making it up, it really is open to question. >> paul, many thanks indeed. we will stay for a moment, polls are open in what is expected to be a watershed parliament truly at election. -- parliamentary collection. they have a choice between four main candidates, including a scandal-struck billionaire, a comedian, and an economist. the center-left leader is the favorite. he enjoys around 33% of the vote. mario monte is preferred by 13% of voters. he is the technocrat that took
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the reins in 2011. the silvio burlesque on the government fell apart. he was criticized for his handling of the economy. there were allegations that he had had sex with an underage prostitutes. braless town is hoping for another political comeback. then there is a comedian turned activist, [indiscernible] hundreds of thousands attended his final rally. one hour from naples. jonah is there. >> this is an extremely important election. remember, this country effectively put democracy on hold for the last 15 months since the scandal-ridden collapse of the burlesque on the government. since then it has been run by a government of non-politicians and technocrats. of course, his job was to bring this country back from the economic bring, where it had threatened to bring down the entire eurozone with it.
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that did not happen. the danger has not passed, but the time has come to switch democracy back on. the problem in italy is that these main political prop -- main political parties, the voters are scandalized by stories of corruption. they blame the political crisis for the economic problems the country faces. they are angry about austerity at this time of deepening recession, with unemployment soaring. they may well punish the main political party, either by not voting at all or casting a protest vote for this rapidly rising not establishment, non political party that is against everything, the outcome of which could mean that this country, which badly needs a strong and stable government, it could wind up with a fragmented coalition that fails to run the course. >> protesters are protesting
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after a palestinian prisoner died in an israeli jail. there are demands for an international investigation. mourners gathered outside the home of the 30-year-old. he was arrested six days ago on suspicion of throwing stones in the west bank. the prison says that he died of a heart attack. some of the prisoners refusing to eat are in jail in israel. nicole, these protests are spent -- spreading well beyond the prison. >> that is right. behind us is this military base of 800 to 900 prisoners. many of them have started this one day hunger strike. four prisoners have decided to join the others all long-term hundred strike. we know that at least one prisoner has been on hunger
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strike for more than 200 days. protests and demonstrations over the issue of palestinian political prisoners have been heating up for the last couple of weeks. we had a lot of rallies over the weekend. today it is a bit quieter. we have not had any protest so far, but some palestinians have started together and the israeli police are preparing for the heavy presence here. there have been -- there have been some skirmishes about. the prisoner the die is from a village near have run -- hebron. >> thank you so much, nicole johnson. african leaders have signed an agreement to end years of fighting in the democratic republic of congo. the main goal is to prevent regional interference.
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the condoleezza government is expected to enact reforms and strengthen its army. a un special envoy it will be appointed to prevent violence from flaring up again. >> things have really not got much better since the last time i was here in december. humanitarian agencies say that 120,000 people have fled from their homes in november. the main problem for people here is food, water, and access to decent shelter and sanitation. the people here would really benefit from a peace process that works. this is a step forward and it is a beginning. looking at stopping
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countries from meddling in the affairs of the condo. but there are problems with the peace process. we do not know what kind of powers a special envoy would have in terms of dealing with this or whether the people fighting would have a mechanism where they could abide by what they are signing up for. the people here really hope that this is the beginning of something. >> the weather, coming up next on aljazeera. plus one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in pakistan, its commercial capital, karachi. plus, reining in the opposition. ♪
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>> hello again. for many of us across the northern parts of india, it has been very cold over the last few days. this is the picture we are now seeing out of the north. you can see just how much snow is on the ground and it looks like it will stay there for the next few days, we have another system currently edging its way towards us. still on the satellite picture we can see the clouds that gave us our recent snow, but there is another system gradually moving towards us. through monday that is still going to give us some heavy snow over parts of afghanistan, but eventually over the next couple of days it will head eastward. there is a fair amount of cloudiness with us currently. as we head to the next few days into monday, it should be fine and dry. top temperature around 23 degrees with a strong breeze as well, making things feel a bit
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cooler than they actually are. further towards the north is the weather system that affects parts of afghanistan. generally fine and linktv.
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>> top stories on al jazeera, thousands have gathered at the vatican to hear the last sunday prayers of the pope. visiting the papal apartments for the last time. african leaders have signed a deal that aims to end years of fighting in the democratic republic of congo. thousands of people have been
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displaced since november. thousands of palestinian prisoners in israel have gone on hunger strike following the death of an inmate. authorities say that he died of a heart attack. palestinian leaders want an investigation into how he died. video from syria claims to show some of the latest fighting between rebels and pro- government forces on the streets of aleppo. we cannot verify the authenticity of the video, but the opposition says the government forces are destroying what they call a historical and cultural city. >> we have delayed our review and been disappointed by the absolute silence of the regime. we also expressed condemnation and surprise at the international silence. the regime is moving into ethnic cleansing. this is not a military target.
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the regime is destroying a historic and cultural city. >> karachi is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous cities in the world. more than two dozen people have been killed there in sectarian and political attacks over the last year. >> in one of the most dangerous cities of pakistan, this is its most dangerous neighborhood. affectively a city within a city, complete with official security. on the surface these young men look like they are catching up with friends. but this is an intelligence service. they keep up with all movement and if they sensed danger, they reach for their guns. strangers are generally not welcome. even at play, they keep a close
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eye on things. the neighborhood is run by this man. a tribal leader. much like a landlord, he has on questioned powers. he is angry at his political partners who he says is trying to marginalize him. >> mkm is a target killer organization. they are a bad organization that has taken the city hostage. >> there are over 100 open court cases involving alleged of murder the he says were motivated and he has free proof of the lack of evidence against him. he also lives in luxury, unlike most of the people here. >> for the residence, life can be held. six months ago the police mounted an operation to rid the streets of armed men. in the ensuing firefight, many
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were caught in the middle. >> he had just finished work. there was a battle on the streets. he tried to hide out, but got hit by a bullet and he died in agony. >> local police will not comment on cases like this. the violence, whether it is over land, political assassinations, or terrorizing the people, it is about power. controlling neighbors like this one is crucial for support, which means power in the city's ethnically divided landscape. >> some other stories making news around the world right now, an algerian gas plant has restarted production over one month after workers were killed there during a hostage crisis here.
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the military counter launched a counterattack in which the rebels and hostages died. in afghanistan two f -- intelligence agents and security officers died in the eastern town, followed by a similar attack. the brother of a south african olympic star is being charged with murder. oscar prestorius is being charged with premeditated murder of his girlfriend on valentine's day. south korea, swearing in its first female president on monday. she has many challenges ahead, including turning around the economy. she is not even begun her term
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and is already lacking popular support. >> the stage for her inauguration is set. the arrangements before the national assembly have been timely and precise. political preparations have been messier. she will take the oath of office with an approval rating of less than 50%. a record low for an incoming president. in a rare appearance last week, the president-elect was focusing on the economy. >> so far, our economy has focused on chasing other advanced economies. now we need to become leaders. >> there has been a secret process and a scandal around appointing senior staff. >> the personnel appointments are very similar to the ones made under the authoritarian governments.
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>> it is a not subtle allusion to her late dictator father. the history attracts support from those who remember the miraculously rise from poverty and criticism of the political repression. she has only partially disallowed it. these numbers reflected divided electorate. >> conflicts have been created amongst vast generational and ideological lines. people have already made up their minds as to whether she is on their side. >> she campaigned on something that she called economic democratization, reining in the giant corporations, promoting smaller and medium-sized companies. expanding the country's welfare system. >> when the transition team announced the main goals and policies on thursday, the water
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down welfare expansion remained in place, but the phrase economic democratization remained absent. also announced, five presidential goals to establish an era of reunification with north korea. with the threat of more of the same to come, it will likely be one of the toughest parts of the presidency. >> in venezuela there have been protests to devalue the currency against the presidential order. hugo chavez chose to cut it by one-third. leaders said they would raise the price of imported goods according to action. president shot as it is being treated for cancer. he is under pressure to prove that he can still lead. >> at a school in this
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venezuelan state, this typical education teacher puts the students through their paces as they await the arrival of their governor. he said that he was devastated when hugo chavez was not able to be unseated. now while the supporters pray for his recovery, this teacher gives thanks for what he calls a gift from heaven, the very real possibility that there will be new elections in weeks, not years. >> i am thrilled because i feel the changes on the way and it has come sooner than we expected. >> his opponents were humiliated when they also lost all but two gubernatorial seats. months ago there were licking their wounds. today they are sharpening their knives, taking every opportunity to pressure their ailing president to get back into the
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presidential palace or resign. they have been cautious not to openly call for elections, but they do not have to. >> in order to live better, you need people that know how to make decisions. what to pay more for food? do you like your currency devalued? press the red button. >> president chavez is now back in venezuela, but still out of sight. >> it is important and indispensable that the president produce himself as soon as possible. now that he is back what has to happen urgently is that he is sworn in. this cannot wait. >> others are demanding that they prove the president is still exercising power from his hospital bed as the vice president claims. >> they treat us as if we are mentally retarded. that we cannot accept the
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government telling us a different story every day. >> opponents of the still hugely popular hugo chavez know that the longer he remains out of sight, the more time they have to prepare for whatever comes next. >> the national assembly of cuba is expected to reelect president castro on sunday. on friday the 81-year-old raised the possibility that he might lose his post, he said he was old and had a right to retire. he was elected in 2008 to replace his older brother, fidel castro. secret documents from the u.s. show that dictator augusto pinochet was going to use force. the details are portrayed in an oscar-nominated film that gives the account of tactics used to remove him in 1988.
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the documents released by the security archive, his generals seem to vote against his plan. history, nature, violence and love make up the had the ingredients of the film of the seat -- films of this year's academy awards in hollywood. not without controversy, as we report. >> controversy surrounding "the zero dark 30," portraying the hunt for osama bin laden." -- osama bin laden. >> a vote for that film would be a vote for these things that it would be against. i do not think it was helped at all. >> hollywood has also been buzzing about "argo." it has won top prices -- top prizes at the golden globe and
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is favored to win the oscar for best picture, but the star and a director was not nominated for best director. >> there is probably also an element of resentment over the fact that this i
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